Aban Sazeh Company( Ronash)

Has an official license and grade A international exhibition and is an official member of the Iranian Booth Builders Association


Respectfully reminds Aban Sazeh Company (Ronash) with an official license and grade A of the International Exhibition and an official member of the Booth Builders Association, considering the experiences of more than a decade in the field of holding exhibitions and designing and building exhibition booths in domestic exhibitions and Exterior and products (bathroom) Having a design studio with new and attractive ideas and experienced civil contractors in the field of booth construction and interior decoration will allow you to booth your booth and interior decoration projects from start to finish Finish with the best management in Tehran International Exhibition, Kish Exhibition, Tabriz Exhibition, Isfahan Exhibition, Mashhad Exhibition, Aftab Tehran Exhibition and other exhibitions in other cities and abroad with reasonable expenses.

Our designers are fully acquainted with the new materials of booth construction and interior decoration and the combination and contrast of spaces, panels, texture, color and other factors, and considering the safety issues of the building engineering system and many other aspects, you will fulfill your desires. Helps. We are well aware of the implementation of your ideas and opinions.



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